AZOMITE® Company Headquarters

AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc.

AZOMITE® is a federally registered trademark (pronounced ā-zō-mite) and is an acronym created by its founder, Rollin Anderson, for the "A to Z of Minerals Including Trace Elements". Since its discovery in the early 1940s, AZOMITE® has increasingly become a mainstay in agriculture around the world, particularly as a feed ingredient in the poultry industry and a re-mineralizing soil amendment.  AZOMITE®’s unique composition sets it apart from any other naturally occurring mineral deposit in the world, consisting of more than 70 elements in the periodic table. AZOMITE® products are listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for fertilizer as well as feed use in certified organic production.

W. Wesley Emerson, AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc. founder and President has been working with AZOMITE® and developing its market since 1988.  AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc. has assembled a team capable of achieving significant goals for the future.  As of April of 2011, AZOMITE®'s operations have been consolidated to its Nephi, Utah headquarters, where significant streamlining of production has been implemented in proximity to the source.

Our Mission

To utilize unique, natural, trace element-rich AZOMITE® as a base to provide innovative, high quality, organic and ecologically friendly feed ingredients and soil re-mineralizing products, while maintaining strong stakeholder returns.

Our Product

AZOMITE® is a 100% naturally-derived feed additive and soil re-mineralizer mined in Sanpete County, Utah. This unique deposit was formed by a natural volcanic eruption where the volcanic ash was deposited into an ancient seabed, which was pushed to the surface by tectonic activity. The mineral deposit is now a series of pink hogbacks (hills) where AZOMITE® is mined exclusively by AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc.  68 years after the initial discovery AZOMITE Mineral Products has found no other mining deposit with anything close to its wide array of over 70 naturally occuring trace elements. While other products have attempted to emulate AZOMITE®, scientific analysis proves they fall short. The organic movement recognizes AZOMITE® as the premier soil re-mineralizing product with a positive worldwide reputation. Scientific and agricultural trials have been conducted in many countries, including the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, China, Indonesia, Vietnam resulting in increased yields, survivability, and economic benefits. The Chinese government tested AZOMITE® for five years before approving registration. Each test included a “competitive” local Chinese product compared to AZOMITE®.

AZOMITE® supports the vitality of soil and living organisms by providing trace elements that are often not readily available through soil and food sources. There is global concern about soils becoming depleted of minerals. Soil management programs that include trace mineral supplementation grow more crops with higher nutritional value. AZOMITE® offers an organic, sustainable solution by adding trace minerals to depleted soils, as well as to the actual crops. Minerals improve pest and disease resistance, while increasing capacity to withstand drought and temperature fluctuations, ultimately improving the nutrient content and yields of the food supply. Global hunger and malnutrition are issues that AZOMITE® helps address.

AZOMITE® trace minerals have been proven to support immunity and growth for poultry, animals and aquaculture.