Soil Amendment and Feed Additive / Product Uses

Field Crops

Reports show AZOMITE® improves root systems, crop yields and overall health.

Vine, Citrus and Fruit Crops

AZOMITE® trace minerals combat citrus decline and produce sweeter fruit.

Vegetable & Flower Gardens

Gardeners have reported more flowers and better tasting vegetables.

Orchards, Trees and Shrubs

Researchers report diseased trees are significantly improved with AZOMITE®.

Lawn Care

From golf course to garden, use AZOMITE® for a deeper green grass.


Research shows AZOMITE® improves bird performance and immunity.


Include AZOMITE® as part of a nutrient-rich dairy animal diet.


AZOMITE® supplements minerals and stimulates pond water plankton growth.


AZOMITE® supplies essential trace minerals, directly to feed, or free-range.


The benefits of AZOMITE® trace minerals can be offered free-range.


AZOMITE® trace minerals are an excellent anticaking agent for feed.


Researchers report AZOMITE® supports the increase of average daily gain.