Vine, Citrus and Fruit Crops / Testimonial

Too Many Peaches!

From: "Patrick I. Lecky"

To: "Wes Emerson"

Sent: Friday, October 15, 2004 2:47 PM
Subject: AZOMITE® Testimonial

Hello Wes:
I just wanted to tell you of the fantastic experience that I've had with AZOMITE®. I have a peach tree that's been fertilized using conventional fruit tree spikes. Peach trees traditionally do not do well in Florida because of the humidity. Using these spikes, the tree did bear, but the fruit was sparse and wormy. The leaves also had a fungal infection, which no conventional product could correct.

In early spring of 2003, I placed a whole bag of AZOMITE® powder under the tree. In retrospect, I believe that was too much, because the tree bore too much fruit. For almost three weeks I would collect about 4-5 supermarket bags full of peaches. They were large, sweet, flavorful, unblemished, and without a single worm. It bore so much that I bombarded my family and friends with peaches and also had to find strangers to give them to. I also froze several bags. In addition, the fungal infection also went away. The tree did suffer however. It was so laden with fruit that many of the branches simply broke under the weight.

This year I decided not to place AZOMITE® under that tree because I over fertilized last year. This was a mistake. Florida soil is very sandy and any fertilizer will quickly leach through the topsoil. Without AZOMITE®, the tree gave a very low yield and many of the peaches were wormy and of poor quality.

Please send me a bag of AZOMITE® granular. I'll place much less than last year, but I want to protect the roots though out the winter. Next spring, I'll also place a smaller amount under the tree. But, I know I'll have a good yield of wonderful, sweet peaches.

Patrick Lecky
Ocoee, FL