Aquaculture / Studies and Tests

Black Tiger Shrimp tested with and without AZOMITE®

Larval shrimp were grown until they reached PL 15 stage, and then 6 ponds, average surface area of 3,667 M2/HA per pond, were seeded with the PL 15 for a cultivation study. 3 Ponds served as Controls and 3 Ponds were treated with AZOMITE®.
• Cultivation was implemented for 120 days and both groups received identical feeds (GROBEST).
• Shrimp were seeded at a density of 30 PL/M2.
• The soil in Trial ponds was treated with AZOMITE® at the rate of 200 Kg/HA
• Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Phytoplankton & Zooplankton Populations, Growth Rate and Survival were measured.

Study Conclusion:

• AZOMITE® improved Growth Rate (17.5%) and Survival (35%)
• Zooplankton and Phytoplankton levels were improved substantially by treatment
• Dissolved oxygen was improved.
• The economics of treating bottom soil of ponds with AZOMITE® is highly favored.