• The only continent without AZOMITE® is Antarctica.

    Mt Herschel, Antarctica
    photographed by Andrew Mandemaker.

  • Happy Rice Farmer

    In a controlled field study using 18lbs of AZOMITE® per acre (20kg/Ha), this Indonesian farmer reaped taller, broader leaves of a deep green color in comparison to shorter, thinner leaves that resulted from conventional fertilizer alone.

  • "Ninety percent of the tomato plants treated with compost and AZOMITE®, bloomed three weeks ahead of the tomato plants with fertilizer alone."
    --- Kirk Waterstripe, Ph.D., Professor of Botany

  • Customers have reported an increase in butterfat and overall milk production after adding AZOMITE® to the daily rations of dairy cows.

  • Corn Trial Success

    Corn crops grown with AZOMITE® have resulted in a 15% comparative weight increase at harvest.

  • The Early Years

    Founder Rollin J. Anderson testing AZOMITE® in his own backyard. Utah, 1940

  • Justus von Liebig

    Known the Father of Fertilizer, Justus von Liebig made valuable contributions to agricultural and biological chemistry, including the Law of the Minimum. Liebig's Law states that plant growth is determined by the scarcest, "limiting" nutrient it recieves and neatly summerizes AZOMITE®'s remineralizing function in relationship to plant vitality. Conventional fertilizer programs focus on macro-nutrients, while AZOMITE® supplies the trace elements necessary to support optimum function.

    Liebig's barrel illustrates that just as the capacity of a barrel with staves of unequal length is limited by the shortest stave, so a plant's growth is limited by the nutrient in shortest supply.

  • Lettuce Farm, Malaysia

    Studies showed AZOMITE® treatment produced larger plants with higher yield, with heartier leaves resistant to rain drop punctures.

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