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Monday, April 3, 2017

IFA'S GRAND CHAMPION ALL PURPOSE FERTILIZER WITH AZOMITE® MINERALS hit the shelves in select retail outlets throughout Utah — just in time for optimum spring planting. The new premium product, which was formulated with slow-release nitrogen, three types of iron and AZOMITE® — is a nutrient balanced fertilizer for flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, fruits and turf.

IFA's Wholesale division will distribute Grand Champion 16-16-16 throughout IFA's Southwest region to independent farm and feed dealers, nurseries and garden centers and hardware stores including Ace and True Value Hardware. The seven-state region includes Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona. To find a store near you, visit IFA's database »

It's official - AZOMITE® Lands in Canada!

"AZOMITE Mineral Products is pleased to announce AZOMITE® distribution under the exclusive stewardship of ML Agri-Products. The initial thirty tons was recieved with a warm welcome, and sold withn the first three days. The company will be setting up distribution hubs throughout the country.