AZOMITE® Mineral Products / Feed Grit

AZOMITE Micronized

AZOMITE® Micronized powder (90% passing a 74-micron screen) has a flour-like consistency and can be used in aquaculture and livestock feed formulations. Micronized is widely used as a mineralizing shrimp pond supplement to stimulate plankton and algae growth. Studies of shrimp and tilapia supplemented with AZOMITE® show marked improvement in vitality and growth rate.

Quantities Available

  • Single Bag: 20kg
  • Pallets: 50, 20kg bags (one metric ton)
  • 20-foot Full Container Loads: 16.0 metric tons max.
  • 40-foot Full Container Loads: 19.2 or 19.6 metric tons max.
  • 40-foot “Heavy” Container Loads approximately 24.8 metric tons max. (where available)
  • Tote bags by Weight: 1.24 metric tons per 40-foot FCL