Feed Additive Products / Poultry

Poultry Feed Use

AZOMITE® has shown numerous benefits to the poultry industry. Studies indicate using AZOMITE® in feed improves bird size, resistance to disease and greatly improves throughput in feed mills.

Accredited researchers report:

* Improved immune system functions

* Resistance to Clostridium Perfingens

* Improved feed conversions, size and yield

* Improvements in size and feed conversion using feed contaminated with various mycotoxins

* Improved pellet quality

* Improved flowability

* Improved eggshell strength and quality

While plant sources theoretically pass the soil's minerals on to the birds, fish and animals, adding minerals to feed increases the benefits directly. Several university studies have reported significant improvements by adding AZOMITE®'s naturally occuring trace minerals – OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

Feed Ration Guidelines

For poultry on a prepared feed diet, we generally recommend adding AZOMITE® at 1/2% (10 pounds per ton) of the total feed mix. A maximum of 2% (40 pounds per ton) may be added in accordance with good feed manufacturing or feeding practices. AZOMITE® can also be offered free choice.