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Happy Hidden Honey Farm

Mar 25, 2014

Dear Mike,

We grow everything organic – fruit trees to vegetables and just started using AZOMITE on our farm last fall, with great results.
We planted a couple of rows of beans without amendments, then came back a month later and planted a few more rows of beans using AZOMITE only. The AZOMITE beans not only caught up, they surpassed the other rows. The germination was outstanding. They were overall more healthy and beautiful plants.

We planted apple trees in the spring, and I have to admit they are the stepchildren of the farm and don't always get the water or the fertilizer they should be getting. Feeling sorry for the trees, I watered them and put some AZOMITE around the drip line.  A week later, the crispy August leaves were gone and replaced with new leaves were on the tree...and to my surprise there were even apple blossoms! And we even got a tiny apple. It just goes to show how much the plants respond to AZOMITE.

After seeing these remarkable results, we will not plant ANYTHING without using AZOMITE.

We have chickens too, and a couple are egg eaters; meaning that after the eggs are laid they go back and eat the eggs that have been laid that day. This is very frustrating, reduces egg production and leaves the rest of the eggs messy and covered with yolk. We put AZOMITE in the chickens' feed and we have not seen any egg eating since. AZOMITE has cured the mineral deficiency in our chickens. What more can I say? We love AZOMITE and it's become a staple on the farm.

Using AZOMITE has made our farm more productive and our jobs easier – by not having to guess which minerals our soil, or chickens are deficient in.

Tim and Dixie
Hidden Honey Farm
Waxahachie, TX