Lawn Care / Testimonial

From Bermuda to Beautiful St. Augustine with AZOMITE®

Beautiful Florida Lawn

To: AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc.

In April of 2006, my wife and I decided to change over our yard from Bermuda to St. Augustine. We have 2 mature pecan trees in the landscape and numerous hackberry and crepe myrtle trees. I had applied AZOMITE® to the ground before planting and again a few days later on the top. Shortly, after resodding the yard the city declared a water rationing program of one day per week in the evening/early morning only. My first thought was that the St. Augustine would be gone shortly, and the beds of other plants would soon follow. To my surprise, not only did the lawn respond well to the stress conditions of the heat (Texas) and lack of water, but mowing the lawn was still required at least once a week and many times 2 times. The bedding plants seemed to respond well to AZOMITE®, in particular, the English ivy and Japanese maples. Many of my neighbors lost some of their landscapes or had stress related issues with their yards.

Above are some pictures of the back yard one year later, April 2007. Not only has the mature planting survived, but it has turned out quite well.

Thanks for the products.

Mike Fodge