Feed Additive Products/ Studies and Tests

Anticaking – Flowability Study

This 12 replication study was completed using micronized AZOMITE® at 1% of the total feed mix in a pig starter ration. The angle of repose of each feed was measured with the theory that a product with a low angle of repose will have a better flowability than a product with a high angle of repose. The angle of repose was determined by pouring 2400 ml samples of feed through a funnel suspended 25cm above the bench top. The angle between the pile and bench measured at 4 locations was averaged to secure one measurement and 12 samples of each feed were measured. The test was performed three times with fresh feed, feed stored 28 days at room temperature, and feed stored 28 days in a humidity chamber at 80o F and 70% humidity.

Study Conclusion:

The flowability improvements were statistically significant (P<.05).