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Mycotoxin | Test 1

Research done in the laboratory to guide scientists as they consider potential additional studies.

Researcher: Environmental Consulting Services Gordon W. Rose, Ph.D., Study Director

Evaluation Substrate:
Ground corn, treated and untreated with candidate mycotoxin-binding compounds. The treated substrates involved the following concentrations of the compounds being tested for mycotoxin-binding effectiveness:

1. NovaSilT - 5.0 kilos per metric ton, w/w (2.24 grams/pound of substrate)
2. Milbond TX - 5.0 kilos per metric ton, w/w (2.24 grams/pound of substrate)
3. AZOMITE® - 1.0% w/w (4.48 grams/pound of substrate)

Mycotoxin Employed:

Aflatoxin B1 (Sigma), 1.0 mg per pound of experimental substrate (ground corn).

Aflatoxin B1 Assay Method:
Neogen Corporation Aflatoxin B1 Field and Dilution Assay kit. The ground corns plus mycoxin-binding compound plus Aflatoxin B1 were thoroughly admixed, allowing to remain intact for a 48-hour exposure interval and assayed for residual, unbound Aflatoxin B1. The untreated control substrate containing the experimental addition of Aflatoxin B1 only (1.0 mg/pound of Substrate)

Assay Results:
Substrate Identifications PPB's Aflatoxin Residuals
Untreated Control (B1 Only) >10,000
NovaSilT treated >4,000 <5,000
Milbond TX treated >3,000 <4,000
AZOMITE® treated >2,000 <3,000

Study Conclusion

The in vitro evaluation of the identified candidate mycotoxin-binding compounds indicated a significant reduction in the experimental levels of Aflatoxin B1.