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Mycotoxin | Test 2

This research was done in the laboratory to guide scientists as they consider potential additional studies.

Researcher: Environmental Consulting Services Gordon W. Rose, Ph.D., Study Director

Evaluation Substrate:
Ground corn, treated and untreated with candidate mycotoxin-binding compounds. The treated substrates involved the following concentrations of the compounds being tested for mycotoxin-binding effectiveness:

1. Nova SilT

- 5.0 kilos per metric ton, (0.5%)

2. Milbond TX

- 5.0 kilos per metric ton, (0.5%)


- 10 kilos per metric ton, (1.0%)


- 5.0 kilos per metric ton, (0.5%)

Mycotoxin Employed:
3,000 PPB's of zearalenone, T-2 toxin, and vomitoxin or deoxynivalenol (DON) acquired from Sigma Chemical Company.

Aflatoxin B1 Assay Method:
Neogen Corporation Assay Kits. The ground corn plus mycotoxin-binding compound plus each fusariotoxin were thoroughly admixed, allowing to remain intact for a 48-hour exposure interval and assayed for residual, unbound fusariotoxin. Each untreated control substrate contained only the experimental fusariotoxin.

Study Conclusion

There appears to be little, if any difference between binding efficacies of 1.0% w/w and 0.5% w/w AZOMITE®. Compared to the other binders evaluated, AZOMITE® was a more efficient in vitro chelator or binder of the experimental levels of fusariotoxins.